Orange Seal SLIDE Chain Lube

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Nothing on your bike takes more "wear and tear" on a daily basis than the drive-train. You need this important component to always be clean, smooth, and efficient. Orange Slide is formulated with nanites. These sub-micron lubricating nanites bury themselves into the chain link and keep your chain running smooth and clean in all types of conditions. Orange Slide Chain Lube keeps you and your drive-train working efficiently.


Nanotechnology makes our Orange Slide chain lubricant one of the most friction reducing compounds in the industry. A "dry" lubricant relies on solid particles to reduce friction points and provide lubricating properties. Think of our Orange Slide chain lubricant as liquid ball bearings on a molecular scale. We suspend a variety of nanite particles in a liquid solution. This liquid delivers the nanites to the friction points on your chain and then evaporates leaving behind the ball bearings (nanites).



Since the application literally dries leaving behind solids, it significantly reduces the amount of dust and dirt that adhere to your chain keeping your drive train clean. A clean chain is a chain that performs well and lasts a long, long time.