About Us

Founded in 2016, as the next online “anything adventure” product supply company, providing gear from both local and most unique companies ranging in Biking, Camping, Hiking & Active Life Apparel. The dream began from both husband and wife duo, Mark & Melia. 

Mark, born and raised in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, coming from years of personal involvement in both the spirit of outdoor living and the mountain biking community. He holds various levels of certifications such as a Level 1 instructor with P.M.B.I. Association, a Level 2 National Interscholastic Cycling Association Coaching License & also in Emergency Response-Mountain Biking Safety-Skills & successfully holding over 78 course credits with the Shimano T.E.C. program. He also has participated in both the local and regional mountain bike race scene, always pursing his passion be it his nonprofit, Bikin’ Dads Adventures and as one of the original board members as their Program Director/Logistics with the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling Association. He also spent over 15 years within the City of Charlotte serving his community within the law enforcement field. His overall drive and passion for the outdoors, improving the lives of those around him is what he desires to implement into his passion of “The Outside Chase Co.” be it their products he is providing or the events their participating in. 

Melia, born and raised in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina, has always had the passion of beautiful landscapes, healthy living and stay active. Having participated in various marathon’s and tri-Athlon’s, her pursuit of proper training, staying focused and finishing the task, she hopes to bring to her involvement with “The Outside Chase Co.”. Now, with the role as a mother and wife, she is now enjoying both family bicycle rides, hiking within the natural parks across the south east and locally. Her passion in working with others and providing access to all-natural, reliable and dependable goods to those around her and beyond.

Together, they hope to see you enjoy their products as you begin your next Outside Chase!

Mark & Melia Gordon